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Your Partner For Suits In Istanbul

Plant location & Capacity

Our factory is located near the new Istanbul airport and has an excellent infrastructure.

Daily output of jacket is 800 pcs.

Daily output of trousers is 1000 pcs.

Fluctuations may occur due to the actual Covid situation so action and flexibility was required to manage this period which meant that we've implemented certain measures accordingly.

The Factory Floor

7500 m2 consists of administrative offices, showroom, warehouse and the factory floor;

*  Cutting; automated Kuris cutter & equipments

*  Sewing; standard and special sewing machines & automates

*  pressing: Indupress as well as local ironing and pressing automates

* Bundle trolley & hanging transportation systems throughout the lines

* Pattern cutting; Gerber cad

* Warehouses for trimmings, fabrics and finished goods

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